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Costs and How to Sign up?

LearnCDHC Portal and Presentation:
Price: $1,899 for one year Cost Reminder: Other companies are receiving similar CDHC media and interactivity communications for over 30 times the cost! This is your opportunity to compete directly with these forms of communications---at only a fraction of the price.

This includes:

  • One full year subscription for use of the portal and presentations
  • One full year of back end administration (customization of your portal)
  • Full access to all three (3) presentations (HSA, HRA and FSA).
  • Updates to each presentation once per year at no charge to you.

How to sign-up:

Please contact our sales department at: 612-435-2260 Ext. 1 or

How to pay---two options:

1. Our Recommended option---$1,899.00 one time flat fee per year. With this option, you avoid a $350 set-up fee. Payment Methods: Individual or company check, Visa, Master Card or AMEX
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2. $155 per month, with a $350 set-up fee. Payment Methods: Billed to your Visa, Master Card or AMEX---sorry no checks accepted with this option.
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How Sign up works:

Calling or emailing in for the first time?
If you’re calling or emailing us for the first time, a Learn CDHC sales executive will contact you and work with you to quickly answer all your questions and set up your account. It takes 1-2 business days to set up your portal once your order is confirmed and payment is received.

Working with a LearnCDHC sales executive?
If you’re already in contact with a LearnCDHC sales executive, he or she will make sure that your information is collected and your portal is ordered. It takes 1-2 business days to set-up your portal once your order is fully confirmed and payment is received.